JSC “Uralmekhanobr”, the Research and Design Institute for Beneficiation and Mineral Dressing, was the first Ural sectoral institute. It was set up on the 8th of November, 1929.

The founder, first director and scientific supervisor of Uralmekhanobr was the Head of Mineral Dressing Department at the Ural State University, Professor, Doctor of Engineering, Mining General II rank Mikhail Fyodorovich Ortin. The first specialists of the Institute also came from the Mineral Dressing Department. In 1933 Uralmekhanobr employed 13 designing engineers that began the development of project activities.

The scientists of our Institute developed and introduced unique technologies improving the quality of iron ore raw materials, copper-zinc ores of complex mineral composition, many other technologies and equipment. For instance, we were the first in the USSR to solve the problem of multipurpose utilization of copper-cobalt ores. There appeared a possibility of extraction of relatively lean ores and construction of large ore-dressing enterprises, mining-and-metallurgical integrated works such as Magnitogorsky and Kuznetsky works.

Beginning from the 50s of the 20th century Uralmekhanobr joined the pool of leading research and design institutes of the country. It became the chief institute for development of technologies and design engineering of ironworks. At the same time the Institute carried out works in the field of refractory (fireproof) raw materials, chromites, quarzites, iron and manganese ores, designed pelletizing, crushing, beneficiation, agglomeration plants all over the territory of the USSR.

Under the supervision of Deputy Director for Science of Uralmekhanobr V.I. Revnivtsev (Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR) we developed technologies of beneficiation of feldspathic and quartz raw materials which provided and facilitated the formation and development of electronics and optics for defence sectors of industry.

In 1979 by virtue of Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the Institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for the achievements in the development of technologies of beneficiation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal ores, engineering of beneficiation and agglomeration plants.

During the 20th century (over the 1933 to 2000 period) over 100 large industrial facilities were constructed and put into operation as per the projects and technological developments of Uralmekhanobr. Some among them are crushing-and-sorting, beneficiation, pelletizing agglomeration plants of the Kachkanarsy (Fe, V),  Uchalinsky (Cu, Zn, Au, Ag), Kiembaevsky (Mn), Donskoy (Cr), Sokolovsko-Sabaevsky (Fe) mining and processing integrated works, a molding sand plant of the KAM Automobile Plant (KAMAZ). Uralmekhanobr was the project designer of almost all asbestos beneficiation plants of the USSR.

For the great contribution to the development of science and industry six members of the Institute became Laureates of State Prize of the USSR, three members became Laureates of Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, five members were given the highest award of the USSR – the Order of Lenin.